Home Decoration Trends in 2016

home decoration trends 2016

Current home decors trends combine modern and traditional-style interiors. The decoration of the morning focuses on simplicity, with a subtle range of colors and some parts that attract attention. The main feature will remain the functionality of the furniture. Keep reading to find out what trends will come, will remain and they will leave in 2016.

The trend of recent years, inclined to the natural, will remain. To achieve a look modern is important find pieces of furniture with a design minimalist. Thus deepens the rustic air and makes our House more cozy. If you are looking for that something special for your home, get some more sophisticated decorative elements to highlight certain corners.

Natural design
The pieces of furniture with a wooden structure and a clear streak are the most popular at this time. In addition, the warm tones of the wood fill them stays of charm. The important thing is that furniture are made with a finish completely handcrafted and precise; raw wood surfaces do not belong to this trend.

The same happens with the curtain fabrics, cushions, rugs and other textiles. The linen, the wool and the cotton are perfect for a look natural in any of its different variants and processed. Sewn, knitted or carded, is a thing of yours! Even the lace is an option, while it may not seem little worked. Although the trend current consists in giving a new life to them elements traditional, must make is of a form modern and renewed.

Functionality and fluidity
As we saw in many fairs of decoration and design last year, the dividers are quite in fashion right now. Instead of pre-defined rooms, people prefer rooms with open spaces that can be divided into separate zones with a few precious separators.

Nor it is necessary to divide the environments with separators for example, a sofa or a bookshelf can meet that function, and also an element decorative as a curtain can isolate a small refuge of the rest of the room.

To create the feeling of fluidity, it is important to avoid massive wardrobes and walls with expressive colors. Instead, you should focus on one | subtle placement of our furniture to free space.

Warm light and pastel colours

Constant LED: these LED lamps for energy saving, apart from last longer than conventional bulbs are also very popular in current households because they can be used in different ways. Although LEDs have long been used as electrical equipment and decoration, hardly used in home lighting for their hard and intense effect. Today there are LED available in warm tones, that fit perfectly with this new trend of Interior Design. The LED of the tones of the typical old bulbs are especially popular.

To emphasize fluency, it is recommended to choose for the walls pastel colours. The blue baby Mint green and passing through peach, these colors will achieve that bright wood especially call attention. Painted walls, decorative items or textiles in these ringtones are crucial to create an authentic look.

Forms that draw attention

Your new home accessories should be striking geometric shapes, for example, triangles in patterned fabrics, hexagonal boxes or extravagant wall clocks. But the real attraction in the current homes are vases, lamp shades and containers. The game of striking shapes and pastel colors will create a beautiful balance in your new home.

The trend of modern decor is to focus on our own well-being and mother nature. For those who want to continue with this theme in the decoration of their walls, what about decorating your home with prints on canvas eco de Mi-arte.es? The hand-made paintings are made with inks without solvents, which fits perfectly with this new trend. As there is the option to print what you want, it is easy to choose colors appropriate for the room.

How to Combine the Decoration on the Walls

wall decoration plans

When you buy items of decoration for the walls, there is basically only a golden rule – you have to like! However, we have some tips that could help you to choose the decorations for your walls and create a welcoming and harmonious look of your House. Take a look at our basic guidelines and decide for yourself what that best fits your taste as well as your home.

By placing the photos to the height that appropriate
Wall decoration elements are more pleasant to the eye when they are well located. The average eye level is 1.60 meters high which is the optimal height if the photos are seen standing. Using the same rule, it is more pleasant and comfortable to see photos hung in front of a sofa or next to a lower height dining table, so generally should be placed closer to the observer.

Take advantage of the corners
Take a look at your room and watch the edges and corners. The use of the curve of the frame of a window, a door or a closet can serve you a point of reference when it comes to hang the photos in such a way that the room seems more balanced.

Organize groups of photos geometrically
If you want to hang a picture on one side of the wall, it is important to create a visual counterweight to the other side. A group of photos of sizes different is seen best in a collage geometric. They will usually form a square or a rectangle.

Space evenly between the photos
When hanging photos, it is also important to pay attention to the space between them, since an irregular positioning can cause an unsettling feeling for the observer. A folding meter can help you ensure that the photos are placed in a uniform way.

Interaction of the furniture with the photos!
The size of the furniture plays an important role in choosing the photos. If the pictures are too small, they remain inconspicuous next to furniture. Similarly, large photos seem overwhelming in contrast with small furniture. Ten in has them measures approximate of your furniture, at the time of order them photos, canvases or others elements of decoration of wall to ensure that these fit perfectly with the rest of the room.

Continuity in colors
Combine the colors of the furniture in the same room, as do the same with your photos and walls. Repetition of the same color of them different elements or have different shades of the same color in the same room, will create an environment more harmonious. Put a picture that has the same color as the wall elements and avoid bright colors on walls printed photos. The walls white or colored clear are perfect for the exhibition of masterpieces.

Avoid direct sunlight!
In general, it is best to keep your photos away from direct sunlight to prevent fading of colors. However, you don’t have to worry about that, if you buy the canvases or any other print on Mi-Arte.es. We use inks resistant to UV rays and discoloration that will result in a durable product.

But as always: rules are made to break them! The most important that you feel comfortable and happy in your home! You can also change the style of your room from time to time, as and when you want – just remember that the key is the visual harmony. With our custom prints on canvas you can change the “look” of your room much more quickly and cheaply than ever before. Which enjoy decorating your home!

Balcony and Terrace Decoration Ideas

terrace decors ideas

You like to go out onto your balcony the days that the sun shines? Is your next holiday destination. Your terrace? With spring just around the corner, now the time to adorn your balcony for sunbathing the days that make good time! Only you must remember that the type of decoration, plants and furniture more suitable for your balcony will depend of your orientation. If you have a terrace, regardless of their orientation, whether North, South, East or West, we have some tips for you.

For a truly relaxing experience on your balcony, you will need a winning combination consisting of a beautiful decoration, furniture game and a subtle visual protection. Want to eliminate the stress, but far from looks intrusive. There are several factors that influence a decisive in that your balcony to become an ideal refuge to disconnect.

Decorating Tips

Council of decoration 1 : creates a natural screen of vegetation to give life to space and keep away the curious.

If you select and you have all the elements of your balcony according to their orientation, make use all its advantages and you will be able to transform it into a true oasis of well-being. Then, are some examples of how you can optimize the use of your balcony or terrace.

South facing terraces and balconies: a natural Tan salon
A south orientated balcony is a dream for lovers of the Sun, is the willingness to better and longer takes advantage of the Sun’s rays. You can get a perfect tan from House, with a cold drink in his hand. Therefore, a South-facing balcony is perfect for sunbathing.

Must have: deck-chair and sun protection

Anyone who wants to get a good Tan must have a comfortable Lounger. If you want to truly appreciate the luxury of having a balcony or terrace facing South, try to relax for long hours under the Sun on a lounge chair with your feet up. In the summer, unlike what happens in spring and autumn, a South-facing balcony may be excessively hot. Install an awning or have a sunshade hand is seems indispensable to enjoy of this space during the long days of summer.

Furniture: wood, much better than metal

Metal furniture may burn when the Sun gives them full for an extended period. For this reason, whether to use metal furniture on balconies facing South, these must be covered. While wood and wicker furniture may lose color after long exposure to the Sun, they are certainly much more comfortable than those of metal or plastic and do not absorb so much heat from the Sun, so it’s perfect materials for the furniture of the balconies and terraces facing South. This same maxim can be applied to the ceramic tiled floors and is something you should keep in mind especially if you like to walk by your terrace with bare feet. Ceramic tiles are very hot, so a wood parquet is a much smarter choice for flooring.

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Decorating Tips 2: pads provide a touch of color to the balcony. It gives free rein to your creativity and design your own garden!

Plants: Mediterranian

Have you ever felt the frustration of seeing how your balcony plants die without that you can do anything for them? This happens very often especially in the balconies which overlook the South, because plants exposed to the Sun in such a direct way will quickly lose water through evaporation. To counter this, you can use planters as systems of irrigation, so even the petunias and them Geraniums may grow healthy. On the other hand, the intensity of the sunlight allows Mediterranean plants such as lavender, oleander, or olives grow in all its glory. You can also try your skills in gardening with zinnias, Lantana, hibiscus, bougainvillea and even Curry.

East facing terraces and balconies: breakfast in the Sun
Persons holding an East-facing balcony have the privilege to take your coffee outdoors in the morning with total peace of mind. And it is that each day, soft and first rays of the morning sun bathing terraces and balconies facing East. All the weekends you can enjoy a hearty breakfast or a nice brunch on your terrace!

Must have: table and chairs
You must select and arrange your furniture so that it generates an ideal space to spend the first half of the day. Have a small dining to outdoor you will allow take advantage of the first light of it tomorrow with a good cup of coffee before start your day job. The best investment you can make is to buy a dining table and a few chairs game suited for outdoor use.

Furniture: décor full of color

Council of 3 decoration guide: the breakfast tastes even better when your pots are painted with bright colors! Get that generate an atmosphere perfect for your breakfast.

Plants: adapted for the partially shaded areas
When choosing plants for your balcony, you must take into account that they will only receive light during the first half of the day. There are a lot of plants that you can choose, including petunias, daisies and maples ornamental.

Balconies and terraces with West orientation: a lounge open
People returning from work in the evening, will especially appreciate a West-facing balcony. The sun shines during the second half of the day, so it becomes the perfect place in which to relax after a hard day’s work. If you enjoy views of cleared from your terrace, you can even enjoy the sunset. Generate a climate intimate is very important in these cases.

Must have: especially comfortable balcony furniture

Type a good padded lounge chairs help to create a very intimate atmosphere. In this way, you can quietly spend the end of the day with a drink in hand and chill out in the background music. The chairs are also an excellent choice, as well as the very fluffy cushions. The more comfortable they are, better. Once you’ve configured a relaxed lounge outdoors on your own balcony, you will not find a better place in which to relax out of work.

Furniture: furniture of wood or Wicker

Your balcony, as well as comfortable furniture, should be of wood or Wicker, as plastic and metal furniture can become too with the afternoon sun. An umbrella also could be a good option. If you have permission to make barbecues, installs a small Grill in the corner for your parties.


Council of decoration 4 : all decors designed for the night must have a certain air of romanticism. Color lamps or candles on beautiful candle holders are ideal for this purpose.

Plants: adapted for the partially shaded areas

As this type of balcony receives sunlight only during the second half of the day, you should opt for plants adapted to partially shaded areas. If you want to continue to enjoy your plants even when there is no natural light, choose flowers large and bright, with white or yellow, such as lilies or the petunias colors. These colors reflect light, even the Dim light of dusk, so you can continue to enjoy them even when the nightfall. In addition, at night, the balcony may smell even better than during the day, thanks to herbs as the Julienne, jalapas mirabilis, brugmansias, primrose, or even the ornamental tobacco.

North-facing terraces and balconies: a very cool shelter
North-facing terraces and balconies are a refuge in the ideal shade for the hottest days of the summer. For those who don’t like too much sun, the absence of direct sunlight on a north-facing balcony is a source of joy. In the selection of furniture to a terrace overlooking the North should be kept in mind this absence of light.

Must have: creative light sources

The absence of sunlight in a north-facing balcony must be compensated with other light sources, such as for example, candles or LED lamps. Through the use of lanterns, lamps, wall, garlands, oil lamps and many other light sources (preferably wireless), you can generate a very relaxing on your balcony, making it an ideal place to enjoy a pleasant evening. It used as many sources of light as possible, so your balcony will be much nicer and will no longer be a dark corner to become an authentic sea of light.

Furniture: metal or durable plastic

Your terrace furniture must be made with a robust and preferably waterproof, material so that no damage to get wet in the rain. The absence of direct sunlight means that furniture may take longer to dry. You must at all costs avoid wooden furniture, they tend to generate rust with moisture, which deteriorate easily. It softens the coldness of furniture plastic and metal with the warmth that bring cushions and blankets. Since it is unlikely that once you are going to need an umbrella or a daybed in this type of Terrace, you can occupy the space that is free creating a much more spacious recreation area or building a small herb garden.

Decoration 5 Council: lack of space does not mean having to compromise the aesthetics of your balcony. For starters, you can print photos of wall custom acrylic or aluminum.

Plants: adapted for shaded areas

Since there is little sunlight in the balconies facing north, you should choose for your terrace plants adapted to shade areas, such as the pansies, hydrangeas and begonias, and Fuchsia. If you want to do something different, you can decorate your balcony with ferns, perennials, hostas or heucheras.

Conclusion: Customize your decor
There are many factors that must be considered when it comes to decorating a balcony or a terrace: from lighting and furniture to plants and flowers. All these elements depend of the orientation of the own balcony. If you know the strengths and weaknesses of each type of balcony, you can create very creative environments on your terrace, optimizing the benefits and minimizing the impact of its weaknesses. If you decorate it personalized according to their characteristics, you can convert your balcony in a perfect oasis.